Hip[ster] Project Marketing

Hudson Woods, located just 100 miles from Manhattan in Up-State New York, is a unique 131 acre estate offering 26 architect-designed dwellings crafted from locally-sourced, sustainable materials. If that doesn’t grab the attention of the modern-day New Yorker looking for a weekend antidote to city living Hudson Woods is pleased to offer a range of A-La-Carte services which include personal assistants, pet care, your own chef, nature guides and of course, bee-keeping.


But wait, if that isn’t enough you can always consider the range of upgrades available to your little patch of the Catskills they include, a tree house, vegetable gardens, a fruit tree grove and in this modern era what would any ‘New Brooklyn’ escapist be without an electric car charger.


This could all sound a bit tongue-in-cheek but when you take in what James Sanderson (Brand and Design Consultant to Lang Architecture) has to say the notion of marketing to movement becomes clear.

“Its ethos appeals to people in the market for “authentic” and “meaningful” experiences. We’re bombarded with technology all the time. Everyone’s staring at screens, and I think people are looking for things that have a little history to them. People’s hands will have been on the materials that go into these houses. These builders and craftsmen are putting their heart and soul into this stuff. [People] want to get into the land and feel like they’re out in nature.”


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