Sydney central up for offer…


Following on from the unsolicited proposal submitted to the NSW State Government and the support given by Liberal MP Ross Cameron hi-lighted in a recent post, Planning Minister Brad Hazzard has called on international development organisations to express interest in a “project that would develop up to one million square meters of space and create thousands of new jobs and homes”. MORE…


The Gong show and tell


British architect Stephen Pimbley has unveiled the master plan for Bass & Flinders Gateway on the former Quattro site in Wollongong.

The development titled “Gateway” sits at the threshold of one of New South Wales’ most beautiful cities Wollongong. The project consists of a 300 unit residential development supported by a modicum of commercial space.
The “Gateway” project straddles the narrow coastal plain between Illawarra Escarpment and the ocean and draws its inspiration from the meeting of these two elements.
The apartments are arranged as “coal measures” within linear stacked seams shrouded by a symbolic wave that in part shades the apartments terraced gardens. More…