NZ Home of the year

Recently honoured as Home NZ Magazine’s Home of the Year, 2012 the design from Herbst Architects (Photographs by Patrick Reynolds) is a breathtaking open-concept living space with beautiful wood finishings throughout. The beach house is located in Piha North in New Zealand. More…



Dream Weekender 5.0

Last time we reported on the Kiwi architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan they were sledging a dream weekender into place. Here we have a more (un)conventional approach to a dream weekender, “nestled in a beautifully private setting surrounded with large Puriri trees, Blackwoods and other natives, the building form is elevated for flood protection, and acknowledges the hill to the west, lifting towards its elevation.” More…

For baby boomers ‘fear’ wins.

This will seem simplistic and controversial but it’s time we faced up to a demographic reality, for our aging population an unavoidable psychological state has become overwhelmingly prevalent, the cup is now half-empty. Journalistic commentary via the major financial media sources can be split into two camps the fear camp, predominantly those representing the baby-boomer generation, and the optimists, being the Gen X, Y and now Z’s. As one commentary we crossed recently put it, it’s created a financial situation where those in the baby-boom generation (the holders of majority of major assets) are developing a concentrically smaller mindset in terms of wealth whilst those in the younger generations simply do not have the financial clout to overcome a disproportionate distribution of assets. In simple terms there are those that can’t afford to sell and those that can’t afford to buy. An economic impasse is the consequence. Can the reality of this demographic psychology be ignored? Of course there are exceptions to the journalistic encampment rule (Ross Gittins of the SMH we are looking at you). However, true innovative thinking, be it financial or social, won’t flourish when oppressed by ageing conservatism. There is no place for global economic naivety, in going on five years Europe has failed to adequately address it’s problems, America’s recovery remains tentative and China’s growth has necessarily slowed. But our own growth and resilience as an economy is being hampered from within. Is it time the older generation reassessed their stance and question their legacy? Is this necessarily a new phenomenon or magnified by our populations weighting? Should we be surprised that the middle-class is predicted to continue to decline? Of course time will tell.

Adam Carr – “even the English are referring to Australians as ‘whinging Aussies’.”

Brilliant article from Adam Carr highlighting the disparate nature of our sound economy and the morbid need for gloom. While an interest rate cut could well see overall confidence drop further once again we wonder just how long and how much larger an event will it be to trigger a change of leadership in government consequently allowing the turn of sentiment, something so many are crying out for. More…

Property marketing that raises the bar.

If you have ever considered incorporating video as part of your property marketing here’s a great example from Butch Haze and Rick Teed from TeedHaze in San Francisco. Their presentation of this classic San Francisco Edwardian home completely renovated with a modern tilt (incorporating smart-home technology) offers a fantastic example of what can be done. More..

Take a closer look at Sydney falls.

Yesterday’s much publicised May housing figures for Sydney supplied by RP Data and handled as delicately as only our media know how (Ed: The only thing Channel Ten had missing was a reference to the forthcoming apocalypse as predicted by the Aztec calendar) deserve some greater review. Thankfully Cameron Kusher has provided his take on the figures noting “the biggest house price falls in Sydney last month were at the prestige end (down 6.4 per cent), which dragged the rest of the market lower. The most affordable 20 per cent of houses actually rose slightly, while the middle 60 per cent fell by 0.4 per cent.” Thanks for the clarification Cameron. More…

Buyers on Green Light.

With the NAB revising its June assessment of the RBA’s predicted movement, indicating a reduction in the cash rate, and Bill Evans from Westpac now predicting rates will hit record lows by the end of 2012 (try 2.75%), investors and first home buyers have been given a green light. Add to this changes in lending criteria from banks which now take into consideration casual and secondary incomes when assessing mortgage applications and you have a primed demand equation as we progress toward Spring.